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Bullet Viral Traffic – WordPress Plugin to Bring Massive Clicks, Shares, and Visits

“Discover How This Site Got 253 Visitors Per Day Instantly On FULL Autopilot…”
Use viral content on both your web site and social channel to bring huge traffic.
Runs in fully automatic mode or with a manual post curation option.
Viral content posted to Facebook and Twitter get crazy Shares and Likes.
Running in 3 MINUTES
Build a complete site with content almost instantly – all with zero coding.
Hi there. Justin Anderson here...
It all began in January when I read a Business Insider article about the massive success of Viral Nova.

As I researched it more, I learned why the owner of Viral Nova tried to stay below the radar...

- Zero to 100,000,000 visitors in 7 months.
- $400,000/month in AdSense.
- Just one guy and two assistants running it all.
- He used the content to build several 500,000 Like Facebook pages.

This is insane!

I wanted in BAD! How hard could it be, right?

I enlisted a buddy to begin my own world domination. He spent 60+ hour weeks writing content. Top 37 Places to See Before You Die. 17 Ugliest Babies. You know the stories... Hours and hours, every day, writing content.

And the site didn't see success.

That's when I stepped back and asked myself "Why am I doing this?". I build software for a living... Why can't I automate it??

So I met my top developer at a local deli and drew up my plan on a napkin. (We all know that million dollar business ideas come on napkins!)

"Yeah, I can do that", he said.

"Let's get to work on Monday". I was excited.

For the next few weeks, he was sucked into building my machine of world domination. Heads down, only talking to me to ask questions and grab another Red Bull. After 178 hours of development, we had our first beta version.

It needed more automation. It needed more viral content. It needed integration with Facebook and Twitter. So back he went and got those added.

I next enlisted some heavy hitter beta testers and they LOVED the system. One tester named J.R. had been trying to roll his own viral site for at least 6 months, spending over $50,000 on time, content, and tech. He was literally crying over Skype when he could accomplish a week of work in less than 5 minutes a week by using my system.

Another tester even tried to bribe me to keep it private. Hah!

So now it's time. Let me tell you a bit about my new baby named Bullet Viral Traffic.
So We All Know There Are 3 Ways To Get Traffic...

Paid Ads
Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, or any other network that you have to pay money for traffic.

Real people sharing and engaging with your content both on your web site and on Facebook/Twitter/etc.

Link building and on-page optimization that can earn you penalties from Google.

Of course SOCIAL is the one I prefer the most...
The reason I like it the most is because right now it’s completely untapped. And it's the only way for things to "go viral".

“Viral” is a marketing channel that brings in life-changing traffic AND profits.

I’ve personally worked in the “traffic-getting industry” for years – so I’ve seen it all. And I’ve NEVER seen a method generate more traffic than “viral traffic”.

Viral traffic is one of the best methods, if not THE best out there.

Viral Is PROVEN To Bring Millions Of Visitors AND Dollars
We all see viral content every day, but we generally don't realize how it is literally everywhere. From our Facebook feeds to blogs we read, the content is there sucking in our clicks and Likes and Shares.

And viral success stories are all over the web. Massive investment money, huge profitability, and traffic so nuts it melts servers.

Take a look at some of these success stories below that show how a viral site can come from nowhere to the top in a matter of months. And of course imagine what it'd be like to build your own viral empire!
6,500,000 daily visitors
Received $40,000,000 from investors
Alexa US #19
213% growth (23 to 72 million monthly)
10,500,000 daily visitors
$60,000,000 in revenue in 2013
Received $96,000,000 from investors
Alexa US #40
250% growth (4 to 14 million visitors)
2,700,000 daily visitors
Alexa US #238
Sold for $4,200,000 in 2013
1,400,000 monthly visitors
Alexa US #1584
Received $7,000,000 from investors
1,800,000 daily visitors
Alexa US #807
Millions in AdSense revenue
2,000,000 daily visitors
$400,000 in just one month
Alexa US #324
So… Exactly How Amazing Are The Results?
One Tester (J.R.) Absolutely Loves This Solution!
His blog continues to grow and is now getting THOUSANDS of visitors.

He no longer has to spend 40 to 60 hours per week writing content that he HOPES will go viral.

Instead, spends just a few minutes handpicking the viral content that goes on his site.

People are sharing his content like crazy.

The viral effect is definitely there now.

So, of course, he’s happy as a clam.

And this is just one successful case study of many. Our beta testers are all extremely happy with the results they’re getting.

Bullet Viral Traffic Removes The Learning Curve And Makes Generating Content Downright EASY.
After Months And Months Of Hard Work, The ULTIMATE Automated Viral Solution Has Arrived

I'm proud to say, we came up with a solution that will not only bring an absolute flood of visitors, but will also bring a snowballing viral effect
You see, once you use viral content you see an instant traffic spike.

But you continue getting a stream of traffic to your web site and shares on your social channels as the story echos around the internet.

Check out our FIRST test to the right...
-   Brand new site (zero posts) hooked up to abandoned Facebook pages
-   Up and running in under 3 minutes
-   253 visitors the VERY FIRST DAY and dozens of Shares and Likes
-   Continued traffic for days after

Bullet Viral Traffic is the first and only product that spikes traffic on both your web site and your social accounts.
Even with all this power, Bullet Viral Traffic is amazingly easy to get running. Take the next 2 Minutes 23 Seconds to see for yourself how simple it is to add viral power to your site.
Imagine the massive leverage you will have!

Imagine setting up your own viral site in less than 3 minutes… (and again and again!)

Imagine seeing your Facebook Likes and Shares growing on autopilot with your site traffic...

Imagine logging into your Google Analytics account and seeing a STEEP SPIKE in traffic…

That’s all possible with this powerful tool at your side. With Bullet Viral Traffic you can now...
  • Build your very own FULL viral site in under 3 minutes
  • Grow Facebook Likes and Shares using HOT viral web content
  • Grow your web site and traffic rapidly from 100% VIRAL content
But Don’t Take My Word For It That This Software Is Awesome
See What Some Of Our Beta Testers Had To Say
I’ve seen the power of viral and wanted to get in the game. After installing this plugin and tweaking one of the themes to make it my own, I now get dozens of shares and visitors on just about every post. It’s crazy how fast traffic has grown to both my Facebook page AND viral web site.
Garish W
I started my own viral site about 6 months ago and spent an average of 45 hours per week curating content. While some posts have gone viral, I just wasn’t making the money I needed. After installing the plugin, I now do 7 days of ‘curated’ viral posting in under 10 minutes. Absolute GAME CHANGER!
I have a couple of abandoned Facebook pages and didn’t know what to do with them. I hooked up my NEW viral site to these pages and had 253 site visitors the first day as well as dozens of new shares and likes. Insane how easy it was to get free traffic with just 5 minutes worth of work.
Jerome 007
After ONE DAY of using this on a dead Facebook page and a brand new site...
253 Visitors . 783 Page Views . 12 Facebook Shares . 17 Facebook Likes
What Makes Bullet Viral Traffic So Powerful?
With This Stunningly Clever WordPress Plugin You’ll Be Able To:
Automatically find and post viral content
multiple times a day so you can relax while your website works for you.
Automate integration between Facebook and Twitter
and your web site so all your marketing channels grow each other at the same time.
Automatically generate TARGETED content
add both general AND niche focused so your audience begs for more. (Or choose to manually curate your content for full control)
Collect and build your email lists
so you can keep growing that cash making engine.
Grab mobile users with your own completely responsive mobile viral site
so half your audience isn’t left behind.
Monetize traffic in any way you wish
with easy integration of CPA and affiliate offers, sponsored posts, AdWords and much more.
What Do You Get With Bullet Viral Traffic?
The Bullet Viral Traffic WordPress Plugin Software
Amazingly powerful site builder that that allows you to crank out automated sites in less than 3 minutes. (VALUE: $97)
Five Powerful Viral Data Sources
Post click-inducing content from five of the leading viral sites including BuzzFeed and Viral Nova. (VALUE: $97)
Automated Content Curation
A “push-button solution” for curating unlimited amounts of content without having to hire an expensive team of writers. (VALUE: $997/month)

And if you order today, we’ll also throw in these three fast-action bonuses:
Viral Marketing 101 Training
A detailed training document that outlines the three pillars for viral success – virality, traffic, and monetization – and how you can use them to ensure your success. (VALUE: $97)
THE Original Viral Nova Theme
We’re including our interpretation of the original Viral Nova theme. Start out with a battle-tested design. (VALUE: $137)
Bonus Webinar
Watch as I walk you through case studies of my viral sites and answer any questions that you have. (VALUE: $97)

But you won’t pay anywhere near that here. Right now (while our introductory pricing is going on), you can grab Bullet Viral Traffic for 93% OFF using the Purchase Now button below.
Let me ask you real quick…
If the answer is “yes” to ANY of these questions, then don’t wait to pick this up.
  • Do you want INSANE amounts of viral traffic hitting your site?
  • Do you want to line your pockets with more of the green stuff?
  • Do you want to get your Facebook page to be #1 in your niche?
  • Do you want to see STEEP inclines of traffic hitting your site?
Look at the timer above - this offer won’t be available for very long...
I’m 100% confident that you will LOVE getting a whole new level of viral traffic to your sites with Bullet Viral Traffic! But if you don’t… I’m offering a full 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee!
You don’t even have to give me a reason to get your money back. Literally ALL the risk is on me. It’s up to me to prove to you that what I’ve said is true.

Click the “Buy Now” button above and let’s get a stampede of viral traffic coming your way.
To your success,

Justin Anderson

P.S. - Most people know that viral is the way to go but they’re just not doing anything about it. And I guess the main question to ask is this: How much longer will EASY viral traffic like this be around? It is so WHITE HOT and RIPE for the picking right NOW. Those that take advantage of this will see what I mean ;)

P.P.S. - Remember that Bullet Viral Traffic can build a viral site for you in less than 3 minutes! You could be up and running and getting traffic to your newly created site as early as TODAY.

And with my 30 day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose here and so many traffic spikes to gain!
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for this amazing software?

All you need is a standard WordPress site with PHP 5.3 or newer and administrative rights on the blog so you can install the plugin. There is no need for ioncube, curl, or any other third party components that some hosting companies disallow.

Can I use this powerful plugin on my existing site? Or do I need a special theme?

Yes! You can use this plugin on ANY site as it pulls in the powerful viral posts and loads them into your WordPress as posts. You may want to tweak your theme to make it even better looking or use the included theme to get you up and running. We do have a powerful upgrade option that includes three proven viral themes if you want to hit the ground running…

Are there any hidden monthly fees or limitations?

There are no hidden fees or surprises! For launch, we’re offering this amazing system as a “one time purchase” and plan on changing over to a monthly service in the future. So jump in and get your sites running without the worry of getting surprise hosting or service charges in a month or two.

How can I use this amazing system to make money?

Just use your imagination! Once you build your site and hook up the social accounts, your traffic to both your site and social will grow. Once you have traffic you can monetize in any number of ways: AdSense, site flipping, affiliate offers, listing building, etc. Have fun with it!

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