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Bullet Viral Traffic – Special Offer for Chris Jenkins

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Harness the POWER of viral content to drive likes and shares and TRAFFIC to your site.
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Use viral content on both your web site and social channel to bring huge traffic.
Runs in fully automatic mode or with a manual post curation option.
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Build a complete site with content almost instantly – all with zero coding.
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ViralNova WordPress Theme
Top 50
Viral Posts of 2014
Marketing 101
When you build your own viral site, you want to maximize your chances for success. While content is critical (and what the plugin solves), the packaging / design you display the content in is just as important.

We took the top monster success story - ViralNova - and made the original design into a theme. Now you no longer need to worry if your site is sticky enough. You know it is because it's using a PROVEN design.

The three pillars of viral success are virality, traffic, and monetization. This ebook outlines all of the steps necessary for any viral marketing effort to succeed.

Need ideas on how to make money with viral content? Got it. Want examples of sites using viral content to suck in traffic? It's here. Need an outline for what makes articles go viral? Done.

To go viral, where better to look than the top viral posts? In this detailed report we outline and link the top 50 Facebook posts that have the most Shares and Likes in 2014.

As you create your own viral empire, look to these for ideas and inspiration. The posts collectively have received over 100,000,000 Shares and 5,000,000 Likes.

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Top Imgur Posts of 2014
FB Engage Software
When you make a compelling sales page, there is always the challenge... Do I make it a long form or a short form version?

This is the solution to the debate between long and short sales copy. Easily integrate expandable text buckets without bulky buttons. Simple, powerful, easy to use.

If you understand and are able to asses what makes posts go viral, it makes it that much easier for your own posts to succeed.

Take a look at the top Imgur links of 2014. Do people like historical photos? Funny animals? How-to sequences? Open up this report to find out exactly what people like to Share and comment on!


With the FB Engage Software, you'll be able to maximize your Bullet Viral Traffic purchase.

This software helps to create more engagement with your audience that leads to free traffic, more customers, and more sales.

You'll definitely want to add this software to your Internet marketing toolbox.