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Bullet Viral Traffic - JV (inspiration http://chatlinks.io/jv/)

  • AMAZING $5.03+ EPC
  • $7,500+ in JV Prizes
  • Totally Unique and Powerful Offer
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Check out the details in the video below...

Viral Content is Insanely Powerful at Driving Traffic...

Did you know that viral sites make up two of the top three shared sources on Facebook shares?

People LOVE sharing viral content with friends and family.
The AtlanticI Thought I Knew How Big Upworthy Was on Facebook: Then I Saw This
After 10 months, a BuzzFeed clone is crushing other websites on Facebook — including BuzzFeed!

The amount of opportunity left is insane - for both general and niche audiences.
Business InsiderPlaybuzz announces crazy Facebook traffic in September 2014
Viral gets picked up by mainstream media, no matter whether it's true or not.

Interesting, unique, and offensive content gets shared and re-shared all over the place.
Time7 Incredible Viral Moments That Turned Out to Be Marketing Stunts
Imagine having this power automated and at your side, ready to use... With Bullet Viral Traffic you can now...
  • Build your very own FULL viral site in under 3 minutes
  • Grow Facebook Likes and Shares using HOT viral web content
  • Grow both your web site and traffic rapidly from 100% VIRAL content
Who Can Use Bullet Viral Traffic?

- WordPress Bloggers
- Facebook marketers
- CPA marketers
- Niche players
- Product vendors

You’ll absolutely kill this launch if your users have any need for traffic and list building. (Everyone!)

BVT is backed by HKSEO.us, which has 60,000 SEO customers, help desk staff, and 10 years in the internet business. We're as solid and reliable as you'll find.

I'll make sure your list will be pampered and treated well!


January 29th 10AM EST - February 2nd 11:59PM EST
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$27-$47 Front End
$37-$164 Back End
50% Commission


High Profit Funnel
This is the same funnel that has generated the great EPCs in all our private launches/beta users.


Other diagrams for inspiration


We have a GREAT $10,000 prize pool for JVs participating in this launch.  The overall leaderboard goes all the way down to 10th place and there are TONS of surprise contests so ANYONE can win some extra cash.

No matter if your list is small or big, you will win when you promote.  



Prelaunch #1

Top 5 reasons viral sites make money – number 4 will surprise you


Viral sites have been off the charts recently and if you have lots of Facebook friends, you'll agree that your news feed is overpowered by sites like Upworthy, Viralnova, and Buzzfeed.

It's even gotten so big that national news outlets like Business Week and The Atlantic are talking about it!

Those sites are seeing insane traffic and making even more insane money!

Here's my top 5 list of how these sites are making money:
1. Super sticky content
When people like what they see, they stick around to read everything you've got.
2. Insane social sharing
Of course as you like content you'll share it with friends. This is what it means to go viral.
3. Natural (not SEO) traffic
You don't always have to win at Google to win the online game. Social channels can easily drive way more traffic than fighting for long tail terms.
4. Embedded “native” ads
BuzzFeed is especially good at weaving advertising and sponsored content in with the real stuff, and even pays for FB ads to drive even more traffic.
5. AdWords, affiliate links, and lead capture (oh my!)
Once you have traffic, you can monetize it in any number of ways including building your own mailing list (invaluable!).

Want to take advantage of the viral madness?

There's a shortcut!

An amazing new product coming out in a few days by viral traffic guru Justin Anderson. He's done viral projects for companies ranging from Match.com to Chili's, and is bringing those same principles into a product that you can use on your own site.

You'll actually be able to spin up your own viral site in under a minute including finding content in your niche and posting on autopilot. You'll be shocked that getting traffic is this easy!

Click here to watch this service in action:


Let me know what you think,


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Prelaunch #2

Secrets to going viral (and making big bucks!)

Everyone wants to know the secret to going viral. It's been talked about in the media for many years and it's working today even better than before.

Did you know that Viralnova makes over $400,000/month with a staff of one, and BuzzFeed expects to make $120 million in 2014(!!)?

Viral is nuts!

The key is to have amazing content that makes people want to click, read, and share. Not many secrets there. :)

According to viral marketer Justin Anderson, there are a few keys that you need to remember:
1. Make your subject line COUNT and the photo drive their curiosity through the roof
There are a few tricks here, but the main idea is to stimulate their desire to click to learn what's behind the click.
2. Make the content as interesting as possible
If the content behind the click is interesting, the better your chances of getting the content shared (and going viral).
3. Engage the audience
When you can appeal to emotion, you'll grab their attention. Give them a reason to share, whether it is a heartwarming story about a sick kid or a cute story about an animal.
4. Be patient
Even major sites like Upworthy get the bulk of their traffic from 4 or 6 articles that go viral every month. Do what you know works and the success will come over time. In the end it's still a numbers game.

But coming up with story ideas, crafting catchy tag lines, and writing compelling content is REALLY TIME CONSUMING.

But it doesn't have to be.

A new product is launching called Bullet Viral Traffic that you NEED to get.

It handles all of the hard work of creating a viral site:
- Locating the most viral content from the top viral sites, customized to your needs
- Automatically (or manually) post content on your site
- Sharing stories across your social media channels to push your content viral

Take a look at this video now – you aren't going to want to miss it:

It's going to be amazing!


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Launch #1 - General

Ready for viral marketing to jump start your traffic?

In case you've been asleep, Bullet Viral Traffic has really been getting buzz these past few days – and for good reason!

Bullet Viral Traffic is a brand new site generating software that does something NO OTHER software can do – build you amazing viral sites on autopilot.

Ready to pull massive users with compelling content? See your Facebook and other social site shares go through the roof? Monetize your new found huge surge in traffic?

...this type of software is totally new and unique and has never been done before!

I've reviewed the software and this really is game changing. No waiting on Google to rank you. No spending money on AdWords. No hard work coming up with appealing content. Full on autopilot!

I think your jaw will drop when you check this out...



PS – I've put together a few great bonuses for you:
- The original Viral Nova WordPress theme
- Viral Marketing 101 eBook
- Top 50 viral posts of 2014

Launch #2 - Traffic

Viral content == fast traffic


Every internet marketing expert knows that being able to "go viral" can easily bring in 100x the traffic in a single day.

Tech geek site Slashdot calls sites that it links to (and go down) being "slashdotted" or a victim of the "lashdot effect". Reddit calls those same crashed sites symptom as being "Reddit hugged" or having the "Reddit hug of death".

Going viral is the "home run" of getting traffic and something that every site owner dreams of.

A new product just launched giving you this viral power to use on your own sites: Bullet Viral Traffic #Your Affiliate Link#.

Bullet Viral Traffic is able to pull in trending and topical VIRAL content into YOUR site on autopilot.

See those catchy headlines on Viral Nova? How about the heartwarming stories on Upworthy? Funny images on imgur?

Now you can take advantage of the MASSIVE traffic they bring.
- No depending on Google
- No link building
- Not even paid ads

##Click here to see exactly how this works...##

Bullet Viral Traffic is the real deal and turns your WordPress site into a viral traffic magnet in under a minute.

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Now go get started!


PS – I have a few great launch bonuses you won't want to miss out on. One is a great ebook about why articles go viral (and how you can take advantage) and the other is a list of the top viral stories of 2014.

I've even convinced them to GIVE AWAY the original Viral Nova WordPress theme to help you get started with a proven design!

Launch #3 - MMO

NEW traffic method – completely UNSLAPABLE and UNSTOPPABLE!

I've been chatting with a few of my friends today and everybody is just screaming "how the heck is this even possible??"

Want to see what they're all screaming about?

-> Go here and watch this video now... #YOUR AFFILIATE LINK#

Our internet marketing community has been invaded by what may be the MOST ground breaking product in at least the last year or two.

An expert marketer and SEO has built a traffic automation software that allows YOU to take advantage of viral traffic.

This generates massive traffic of REAL targeted buyers on complete autopilot WITHOUT SEO rankings or PPC ads.

And that's not even the best part...

...the best part is that the traffic is 100% FREE, TARGETED and INSTANTLY delivered at the push of a button!

These are not just empty claims; they've got case studies and results to back it up.

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What these guys have built here is a TOTALLY NEW method of traffic generation and system behind is phenomenal.

No more waiting for your ads to get approved, backlinks to get indexed, or worrying about a SEO penalty. All you just do now is push a couple of buttons and get free traffic!

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Offer Closing Tomorrow

Viral marketing to rule the world!


I'll keep this short and sweet...

You already know how powerful viral content is - you see it every day
in your Facebook feeds and your inbox.

With Bullet Viral Traffic, you can add this same power to your WordPress

The offer ends tomorrow, so go grab it before it's too late. #YOUR AFFILIATE LINK#


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Offer Ends Today

Last chance - Viral marketing offer ends tonight

I've already shared with you some of the benefits of Bullet Viral Traffic
- Content from the big viral sites already proven to get Likes and Shares
- Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and other social
- Ability to curate your own viral niche site (or go full autopilot)
- Traffic!

Well, this offer is ending in just a few hours. You need to hop over now
and grab it before it's taken offline and converted to a monthly service.

--> So go grab it! #YOUR AFFILIATE LINK#

Also, I have a few GREAT bonuses to make it really work for you:
- Viral WordPress theme based on Viral Nova
- Viral Marketing 101 crash course eBook
- Top 50 Viral Posts of 2014

Take advantage of this new, powerful plugin and start getting content
sucking fresh traffic to your site.


BTW - Don't forget to watch the video. It'll answer most questions. #YOUR AFFILIATE LINK#

Justin Anderson