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“Here’s How You Can Get 29 Times More Content On Auto-Pilot For Your Sites, Without Wasting Your Valuable Time Hunting Around For It”

Massively Expanded Viral Content
With this upgrade, you can choose from an additional 5x viral sites or choose the Pro Package to get a MASSIVE 29 total viral sites to use as sources for your viral content.
More Blog Posts == More Traffic
Just imagine the additional traffic you’ll get on your site with an additional 150,000+ viral posts….
Works On All Of Your Sites
With this offer, you’ll be able to use this upgrade on EVERY site you build. No limits, unlimited power and maximum flexibility.
This Upgrade Is The ULTIMATE Add-On For Maximizing The Power Of Your "Bullet Viral Traffic" System

You already have access to five great data sources with your purchase – Buzz Feed, Viral Nova, Upworthy, Twitchy, and KnowMore.

But having seen the power, I knew I wanted more…

So I tasked my team to work on adding even more sites to get you the killer viral content. A group of sites that’ll give you even more content awesomeness to suck in the traffic you want…

With this upgrade you’re getting a jumbo-sized viral article database that allows you to target new niches and keep that content flowing every day. (And the database is still growing as the viral sites publish new content!)

New Viral Sources

So let’s talk specifics... The list below outlines just some of the additional sites and posts that you get with your “Booster (10 total sites)” or “Professional (29 total sites)” upgrade. This content will be yours to use on all of your sites, and it’s added automatically to every site that you set up with the “Bullet Viral Traffic” system.
Check Out The Sites That Are Included With Your Purchase
An absolutely enormous database of user-generated content.
Great source for random and goofy images that people love to share.
Compelling, typically positive, posts rich with images.
The leading source for making new funny image memes.
A low volume, high quality source of current events and news.
A blend of everything from the serious and creative to the silly and absurd, mashing it up into a short description with great visuals.
I F*ing Love Science brings the latest in interesting technology and science stories, ready for you read, enjoy, and share.
One of the classics of the goofy and sharable content sites, Cheezburger is a large source of image heavy chuckles.
Inspiring and soul-satisfyingly AMAZING videos and images about faith, love and hope. A good source for daily inspiration.
The voice of Generation Y has stories ranging from life to music to dating. The stories are often interesting, sometimes offensive, and full of interaction.
Funny, interesting, and otherwise entertaining viral videos. A good cross section of content from around the web.
Viral photos and videos with a sharp edge to them. Not for the weak hearted or easily offended - but bound to give you plenty of interaction!
Family-friendly content sharing all the heart warming and inspirational stories that grandma will love to read and share.
Compiles massively intriguing information on a variety of subjects into lists, ready for liking and sharing with the world.
Top 10 lists of everything under the sun. Fun and fascinating gems of human knowledge.
A collection of tweets from around the world. Popular and interesting, though sometimes a bit dated, so be careful with them.
Daily Picks and Flicks
Compiles all the interesting images and videos from around the web. Generally family friendly and ready to share.
Leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation.
Trending and topical stories and lists from around the web. Random and interesting and very sharable.
The original poster child for viral traffic success. Their stories and lists combine the most interesting visuals with click-bait worthy headlines.
A great collection of inspirational and interesting stories. Focuses heavily on positive current events.
Gossip and entertainment stories with a bit of an edge (as if the name doesn't give it away!). Worth adding if you're not afraid of an edge.
If you're looking for funny, goofy, over the top images, this is the source. My teenage sons love this site.
While almost all viral sites have posts with videos, this is really the only site that focuses just on providing viral videos. Use it to your advantage!
logo (1)
Not sure what else to add because the name says it all. Like iFunny or Imgur, this is a great collection of funny photos.
A fantastic resource for finding catchy and trendy images. Worth looking to for great photos that get shares.
The largest viral content creator around. These guys have a staff of hundreds that work hard every day to churn out amazing content.
Finding viral content that isn't rated R can be tough - but WImp manages to make that happen. It's a solid source of quality posts.
We all know and love The Onion... And this is their entry into the Viral Content market. The posts aren't always as catchy as other sites, but the editing is quality.
For A LIMITED TIME You Can Get Up To 2900% More Of This POWERFUL VIRAL CONTENT To Use On ALL Of Your Sites

Just imagine using the amazing content from these sites that'll boost both your site traffic and social shares...

Take a look at just a few of the sources used for great content in this offer:

And many, many more sites, constantly putting out amazing new articles for you to post and share and suck in that traffic you need.
Get MANY additional sources of viral content for your site. These sites have content that’s proven to get viral likes and shares and clicks. Now it’s time to put these posts to work bringing in your own viral traffic!

Choose the best package for you...

Choose The “Content Booster Package” And Get

  • 5x Additional Content Sources
    delivered instantly upon purchase
    (BuzzFeed Community, Imgur, Bored Panda, KnowMore, and Quick Meme)
  • 10x TOTAL Content Sources
    when combined with existing BVT content sources
  • Value: $64.75 ($12.95 per content source)

Bullet Viral Traffic - Special Offer - 5 Additional Data Sources
Choose The “Content Professional Package” And Get

  • 24x Additional Content Sources
    21x available instantly upon purchase, plus 3 delivered within two weeks. It includes ALL the sources listed above!
  • 29x TOTAL Content Sources
    when combined with existing BVT content sources
  • Value: $375.55 ($12.95 per content source)

    Bullet Viral Traffic - Special Offer - 17 Additional Content Data Sources

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